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About Us

Biolife is a leading participant in the health, nutrition and wellness industry which specializes in the production of high-quality dairy products. Our business activities include the production, sales, and distribution of Sour Cream, Farmer Cheese, and Kefir across the world. We are irrevocably committed to providing quality products, and this has made us become leaders in the production of Biolife Probiotics that is healthy for consumption and desirable for every consumer, irrespective of their age or social status.  Our growth strategy comes out of our passion and desire to realize our fullest potential by leveraging on synergies arising from the production of high-quality products through coordinated efforts across our business spheres which are production sales and distribution.

We are actively involved in helping millions of people have access to safe, quality, effective, world-class quality nutritional dairy products. In our world today, many people desire probiotics as part of their natural food consumption, and at Biolife all our products are all natural and are easily digestible by all age groups. The probiotics are consistent with the common bacteria found in the human gut, and you can be sure that consuming our products does not expose you to any risk of toxic bacteria. 

Our Staffs are very professional, and our production facility is built and run with international standards. Our animals healthy, and we use the latest technologies throughout our production, thus minimizing human contact during production and ensuring proper care for our animals.

Our products have been recommended for the treatment of medical conditions like constipation, digestive distress, bloating, blood pressure/sugar control, and many other diet-related diseases.

We exist to satisfy our customers by providing quality and healthy natural products, Biolife improves life, and we are glad to serve you, our customers.